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Doon World School

Fee : 19000
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At Doon World School, the best affordable C.B.S.E. daycare boarding school in Dehradun,the school believes that there is innocence and joy which can be found at no other age.There is a natural desire to know everything and explore the unknown. It is an effort toprovide a direction that would create change in our attitude towards children. Creatingawareness about the latest research, making learning measures exciting and valuable, achild's growth and development, building and increasing confidence level, sense ofresponsibility, expressing their creative selves have better opportunities ahead and facingthe competitive world.At D.W.S., we provide students with an environment that challenges students intodiscovering their talent and skills. Our students are ethical, respectful, happy, and purposefulcitizens of society. D.W.S. recognizes the child as a natural learner and knowledge as theoutcome of the child's activity. Childhood involves being socialized into adult society intoacquiring and creating awareness of the world and oneself about transforming. Each newgeneration inherits the storehouse of culture and knowledge in society by integrating it intoone's web of activities and understanding and realizing its fruitfulness in creating a fresh "Child Centered Pedagogy". Being the best C.B.S.E. School in Dehradun, we give primacy tochildren's experiences, their voices, and their active participation. This approach drivescurriculum planning on keeping with children's psychological development and interests.The Library stocks a wide range of books on fiction, on nonfiction and encyclopedia coveringa wide range of subjects across all ages and caters to the reading appetite of every student.The collection will be replenished from time to time.Sports room comprises various play equipment for the school. Since education also aims atthe physical development of individuals, we will be maintaining multiple sports equipment.As our school is the top affordable C.B.S.E. daycare boarding school in Dehradun, weensure that adequate procedures are developed for the care of children in all aspects ofpupil safety and health while they are at school. The infirmary provides sufficient facilities forall children to be attended to following accidents or sickness at school. A well-maintainedfootball field would be available along with excellent coaching facilities. Daycare is the careof a child after school, which has proved to be very useful over a period. It provides differentexperiences and helps a child to interact with other children and become more cooperativeTo reach out and get in touch with the school management, kindly follow the contacts givenbelow: -

Principal : Santosh Kotiyal

Address : Raksha Vihar, Behind Aanchal Dairy Raipur Road,248001Dehradun


  • Swimming Pool
  • Smart Classes
  • Basketball Court

School Details

  • Grade : LKG to12th
  • Admission :April toMarch
  • Fees : 19000 to 22500

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