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Get advice from our counsellors with more than 20 years of experience.

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Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-10-14T06:35:47.000Z


Even the schools have made their curriculum as per the new demands in the industry. The curriculum focuses on everything from extracurricular activities to taking part in school activities and yes, definitely on education. Well, both the day and the boarding schools try to provide the best education and facilities to their students, but we can’t deny the fact that students in boarding school have the edge over the students in day schools. In a boarding school, the students are surrounded day and night by the school authorities, and they can check their behaviour, develop their personality and make a very vital difference in their whole life. Well to be true, you spend 12 plus years in school, so it plays a very major role in shaping your whole life, not only your professional life but personal too.

Why a boarding school in dehradun?

1- Daily routine invoking self-discipline in the child

The daily routine which had to be followed compulsorily by the students invokes a sense of self-discipline in them, which is a very vital quality which people lack to master even at a mature age.

2- Learning to be independent

Living away from home is not easy, and it comes with its own challenges and problems, but students in boarding schools learn to become independent at a very early age, and this quality will help them for life.

3- Surrounded by teachers all the time.

Have a doubt? You can reach out to your teachers any time if you are in a boarding school, the teachers also live on the same campus. Thus it helps students to clear all their doubts anytime and creates a learning environment for them.

4- Extracurricular activities and facilities provided by boarding schools

Most of the boarding schools focus on the facilities provided by them to the students, the infrastructure, playing ground etc. matters a lot to them and as well as children. The student can become an all-rounder if he is in a boarding school, from swimming to horse riding and many other game courts are available in boarding schools.

5- International exchanges help in an exposure.

Many schools offer international exchange programmes to their students, where the students have to go to some other school outside India for some months. This provides huge exposure to students at an early age and can be a life experiencing thing for life.

6- More clarity in life.

Being involved in so many activities and getting to learn so many things can help students to get some clarity in life, regarding what they want to do or what they want to pursue in life.

7- Academic development

And the most important factor, the academic development of the child is taken care of in the boarding schools. From teachers being available to the students around the corner, the boarding schools have a good library, labs and other academic facilities which can help students in better academic development.

8- Unique education structure

Most of the boarding schools offer a unique education structure to its students which helps them to grasp more and develop more. Well, I can go on and on about the pros of boarding schools in India, but I think I have made my point that boarding schools are a good option for your kids.

Dehradun city

Dehradun, called the school capital of India, has a number of day and boarding schools; many celebrities have also completed their school education from Dehradun itself. The education hub, Dehradun, offers some of the excellent factors due to which parents are bound to send their kids to boarding schools in Dehradun.

The key factor is the environment which Dehradun offers for studies, the lush green environment and mountains are hard to ignore and work as a stress buster for students. Being the capital of Uttarakhand, it offers several advantages to students. The boarding schools of Dehradun offer world-class facilities to their students so that their students have more holistic development and can excel in every sphere of life. Providing the best educational and career opportunities to its students, the focus is not only to do well in class or school but to excel in life.