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boarding schools in gandhinagar

The school with the residential facilities for its students is known as a boarding school. The students are subjected to stay along with their fellow classmates and other senior as well as junior students as a family supporting each other through thick and thin. Boarding school admissions are generally circumstantial but in some scenarios parents of highly mischievous students also prefer boarding schools for their children for them to behave more maturely.  

Boarding school is fun and is a better learning experience than day schooling. A student at a young age drives to be self-reliant, and self-sufficient as one has built the habit of being of self from the very beginning. 


What Boarding School prospers?

  • There is a strict schedule of living for students with high accuracy of discipline to be followed. 
  • The students are not allowed to sit back into hostel rooms without certainly valid reason. 
  • The students are asked to behave responsibly and find escape from their problems on their own. But they can find support from their fellow residents and staff members if necessary.
  • The students of boarding school are much more active and skilled compared to the other school mode students as they are more exposed to different things and collectively they participate in several activities. Also they are around people of their age throughout which gives them more space to grow and learn with each other and also from each other.
  • The school nurtures the students with a strict balanced diet and proper food schedule. Many of the institutions are strictly vegetarian while others provide meat/ chicken into their students' diet.
  • There are heavy punishments for dismissing the rules or avoiding the commands given by the superiors. The schools have effective time scheduling right from morning shower to assembly to classes and then to physical fitness and sports as well. 


Gandhinagar’s Boarding School Aim:

The boarding schools of gandhinagar are designed in such a way that they provide all kinds of facilities for home-like environments to the students. The students were provided all basic and necessary facilities within the campus to give them a comfortable and protective lifestyle. The school infrastructure is built in a way that no one can cross the boundaries from inside as well as from outside. The student’s behaviours are monitored by the people who are commissioned for the same. The students build a strong relation with each other in terms of friendships and learn to fight their battles alone and that too silently. 

There are other aspects of living in a boarding school. For many people it is fascinating as they are far from family and there is none to pamper you day long like your mother. It provides you room to freedom and exposure into the real world. The actualities of a hosteler is what only a hosteler can understand. But to sum up hostel life is loaded with fun and unplanned adventures.

Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-11-02T10:43:56.000Z
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