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boys boarding schools in visakhapatnam

Boarding schools are one of the best places for the perfect foundation for young children. The old Indian schools used to be like boarding schools where students would stay away from parents under the umbrella of the guidance of Gurus. Today also the legacy of boarding schools is followed in most of the Indian states. The boarding schools today also facilitate educational facilities and residential spaces to learn, grow and work. The benefits of boarding schools are building a solid foundational layer of responsibility, maturity and making students self-reliant. Important traits such as discipline, hard work, perseverance, and teamwork get installed in students studying in boarding schools. They become more mature, intelligent, and know basic life skills than other students of their age. 


Several attractive and historic Buddhist sites dot the landscape of this city, promoting Buddhism's tradition throughout the state. Because of its proximity to the sea, Visakhapatnam has a humid climate. It is noteworthy for being the only town in the state with two ports. This is due to the ports' ability to handle India's largest volume of cargo. It is also thought to house the world's oldest shipyard, which is mostly utilised for refurbishing Indian Navy submarines. Submarines with nuclear power can also be built at the shipyard. Visakhapatnam is India's third largest city, located on the country's east coast. This city is also the focal point for a variety of financial activity. Various government offices, as well as a defence, are located in this city, making it well-known throughout India. Within ten years, its population had surpassed 2,000,000, thereby justifying its appellation, "City of Destiny."


The schools are vastly spread across a large area with the residential facilities inside the campus itself. The students love the campus life as their day consists of morning routine t to school and then after school hours activities. Students got some time to chill with friends in the evening and enjoy the greenery ecosystem of the campus. huge playground for multiple activities, including team sports, music, group discussion, and other productive work. The boarding schools has the finest infrastructure with spacious residential facilities. separate space for academics and extra curricular activities with specific zone to practice and hone skills in various fields. Hostels have attached kitchens that deliver nutritious food for the healthy growth of physical body and strong mind. These schools are specially aligned for boys' overall development and train them from young minds into responsible individuals with all the personality traits. Experienced and dedicated teachers are available to guide them in all aspects of studies, extracurricular skills, career options, and valuable life lessons. The teachers and management strive hard to provide a conducive learning environment for better understanding and students' intellectual growth. A balanced student teacher ratio is maintained to provide attention and care to students. The students are groomed in all aspects, be it intellectual, creativity, physical, emotional, and spiritual traits. 

Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-11-11T07:47:48.000Z
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