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ecole globale school

Ecole Globale International Girls School

Sahaspur Road, Horawala, Uttarakhand 248197, India
school boardCBSE, IB, CIE
school categoryGirls School
total class in schoolClass 4th to 12th
established year2012
type of schoolFull Boarding

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Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-08-07T09:02:09.000Z

CBSE School in Karnal

Karnal is a part of Haryana state which lies in the National Capital Region. The city is ranked as the 24th cleanest city in India and the 1st in Haryana under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Swachh Bharat Campaign. The Modi government also mentioned the city in the list Smart city Development program which enlisted 100 cities from the entire country. According to a few ancestral beliefs, the city is said to be founded by Karna, the ultimate warrior of the Mahabharata series which is why it was earlier known as Karna which later got modulated with time into Karnal. The city population generally speaks Hindi or Punjabi language which is also their native language while some people also follow English as their means of communication.

Education is prioritized within the city. The citizens here are educated and know the importance of education in their everyday life. The city has about 84.6% of literacy rate which is quite a healthy amount. The secrets of the healthy development, growth, and progress of the city lie in education. Also, the people of the city are happy and safe within their area due to knowledge, and a good traditional values system. The schools of the city do not just focus on academic learning but believe in real groundwork implementation which is why the students are much active creatively as well as intellectually. They also celebrate their culture, religion, and festivals with great joy and enthusiasm that to collectively which teaches the morals of unity to the students. The rich colorful culture origin has stories and believes which are taught to the children that develop healthy moral value system along with it cultivate several other good behavior and manners. Many schools within the city are managed by Gurudwara Trusts or others that organize Seva (charity) from time to time, this is done with the help of students that teaches them the values of “Sharing is caring.

Why CBSE Schools?

CBSE board is the Central Board of Secondary Education which is managed by the central Ministry of Education. The schools that are affiliated with the board follow the strict rules and regulations of the board and carry a standard education curriculum within the campus with regulated extra features that are customized by the individual school management. The CBSE curriculum is academically focused but it doesn't mean that the board does not look after the sports and other co-curricular activities. the board might not have been tagged to provide a global approach but it is also true that the board provides nothing less. The board independently organizes several fests, events, and competitions of the students at the national level as well as state level where the winning students get exciting prizes.

What makes CBSE Schools different?

The best part about the board is its standard of education. The academic syllabus is brilliantly constructed to teach the students different subjects according to age, demand, and choice. The CBSE board is the major education board which is highly recommended and followed largely. About 60-70% of the kid's population is part of CBSE education. The syllabus of the board is generalized which is not just focused towards the top rankers but also convenient to the bottom line students. The different competitive exams, whether they are for qualifying graduation colleges or government job posts, all follow the CBSE syllabus issued by the NCERT. The syllabus is not tough neither it is wide instead it is organized in such a way that it increases the competency of the students.

Best School of CBSE in Karnal

  1. Abhed Shakti Shadan School
  2. Adarsh Public Sr. Sec. School
  3. Arya Senior Sec. School
  4. Baba Ramdev Vidhyapeeth
  5. Bal Bharti Vidya Mandir
  6. Kendriya Vidyalaya
  7. Bhagat Singh Public School
  8. St. Theresa Convent Sr. Sec. School
  9. Sainik School
  10. Brahmanand Public School