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For the very first time, we looked at the connections between beginning primary school education and prospective memory (PM), as well as the links between parental attitudes and preschoolers' PM. The ability to remember to do anything in the future is known as PM. We hypothesised that aspects of the natural environment that provide many opportunities for children to perform PM activities (first grade in primary school vs. kindergarten) will promote PM growth, whereas those that provide few opportunities (overprotective parents vs. less protective parents) will impede it. Early research contrasted PM in 60 six-year-olds who had been kept back in kindergarten or sent to the first grade of primary school eight months before. In Research 2, 60 pre-schoolers aged 3–6 were studied to see if there was a connection between parental attitudes and their children's PM. According to our standards, six-year-olds who advanced to first grade showed better PM than those who remained in kindergarten, and children of more overly protective parents showed worse PM than children of less protective parents. Future research directions are addressed, as well as potential approaches to enhance young children's PM capacity.


Visakhapatnam (also known as Vaishakhapuram or Vizag) is the state capital of Andhra Pradesh and India's seventh largest city. It spans 544 square kilometres in India's south-east coast, roughly 625 kilometres from Hyderabad, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh. To the south, north, and west, the city is bordered by the Eastern Ghats mountain ranges. The Bay of Bengal protects its eastern flank. Visakhapatnam was a little fishing village in the early twentieth century (about 1900 AD), but it transformed dramatically in the previous century, transforming into a modern city with a plethora of huge enterprises, IT hubs, shopping malls, and other amenities. Visakhapatnam Sea Port is one of India's largest seaports, as well as the headquarters of the Indian Navy's Eastern Naval Command. Visakapatnam has a diverse range of languages and religions.


Over the last decade, Visakhapatnam's education demand has been on the rise. Visakhapatnam underwent a significant transformation just a few years ago, with many people migrating to the city and an increase in the demand for education. Today, Visakhapatnam is home to some of the country's best colleges, all of which provide excellent education to aspiring students. The schools of Visakhapatnam are associated with CBSE education, and foreign schools with international curriculum and modern teaching methods are on the rise. Many schools are also changing their teaching strategies. Most schools are affected by digital classroom and smart-class learning, while others prefer alternative teaching strategies such as audio-video learning, IT-centric studies, extra-curricular activities, and so on.

Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-11-11T07:33:36.000Z
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