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The basic principle of education is to enhance an individual from within so that the changes can be reflected from one’s physical behaviour. The right form of education is not just focused on knowing the books, the alphabets and other resourceful knowledge but also involves the fine development of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual behaviour. Bookish knowledge is worthless if there is’t any implementation of the acquired intelligence in our daily life. Learning and reading books is something that a person can perform himself while sitting at home, but being an intellect with wisdom and proper presence of mind is what extra that a school life teaches. A student flies all his life for good and better marks in his assessments but it is not what one takes lifelong or even remembers just after crossing individual class level. 

In one of the greatest speeches of APJ Abdul Kalam mentioned that, in long terms of life a student will never remember what marks one has obtained instead one recalls all the happy and painful emotions through incidents that have happened back. These memories build you strong and the experience gained is what has made you who you have become today.


All about Co-Education

Every schooling journey is a different experience which differs due to people you greet on your school days. Being a student of a public (govt.) school or being a student at private school, in school you have a group of your close friends, classmates and a staff supporting faculty members, one of which is your favorite teacher. You have several options to opt for schooling including a day school, or residential school out of which you can choose it as of single-sex school or a co-ed school depanding over you choice or the situational circumstances. 

Co-education is a campus that provides undivided education to both the sexes of the society with undivided attention and opportunities. The another thing that is remarkable and unique about co-education is the united emotion and the sense of credibility towards the responsibility of each sex in family as well as in society. The co-ed school students tend to grow more sensitive compared to all-boys or all-girls school students. They grow together and are involved in the growth and development process of each other supporting each other's position. 


Co-ed Schools in Gandhinagar:

Today co-education is being promoted at a high scale and is the major education mode for students today. A few organisations such as the military have also even begun to initial the co-education and combined training of the two sexes in order to ensure equal opportunities. The young students of today’s generation are open to each other and more liable to understand each other. There are even co-ed government schools established in the city so that there can be no certain discrimination or thought gaps due to the process of upbringing between students of all caste, religion, sexes and economical status. Some of the best schools are:

  • Delhi Public School
  • Shree Swaminarayan Public School
  • SG English Medium Primary School
  • Podar International School
Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-11-02T10:42:00.000Z
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