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Get advice from our counsellors with more than 20 years of experience.

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Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-07-07T12:22:30.000Z

Day Boarding Schools in Mumbai

A day boarding school is more than just a school; it's a whole development process for a child. A day border student stays back in-school residency for extended hours after the school hours. Usually, a student rushes home as soon as the school hours end. Still, a day border student stays for extra hours, takes meals in the school itself and does certain activities, training, or preparation for exams or any other stuff which is essential after the school hours under the guidance of teacher or trainer. They are often seen in libraries or computer labs working on their project and spending precious time to stay ahead of the rest of the children of their age.

A day boarding school generally has a residence in the school campus where students take the nutritious, hygienic meal after school and do whatever task they are required to perform. Most of the students choose day boarding school due to their facilities of after-school training in various spectrum of activities from art, music to sports training.

In general, day boarding schools are a boon for working parents as in a high-tech metropolitan city like Mumbai, due to which they can take care of their children in their absence. The role of a guardian played by these boarding schools in the absence of students' parents is remarkable. The time is utilised in some productive work and skill development, which gets wasted in traveling and rest after school.

The Day boarding Schools in Mumbai function similarly with the rest of the schools in India apart from providing discipline and implanting ethical values in a special way, which are the USPs and provide an extra edge to students. The day boarding schools are places where students stay for some more hours after school but not overnight. They spend their time training or learning skill after school hours or studying in libraries and computer labs. Mumbai has numerous Day boarding schools, and we have listed below the top schools in the city.

Top 10 Day-Boarding Schools in Mumbai-

  • Shivneri School and Jr College
  • Sanjeevan Group Of Schools
  • Sanman Career Academy and Junior College
  • Vidya Niketan School and Junior College
  • Green Valley School
  • Vasundhara VidyaNiketan And Junior College
  • Aston SchoolInnovative Public School and Junior College
  • Shanti Gyan International School
  • Rims International School And Junior College
  • Holy Writ High School and Junior College

About Day Boarding Schools in Mumbai

The day boarding schools in Mumbai have different school hours and follow a comprehensive curriculum for all-round development with enhanced learning methodology and techniques. The schools are affiliated to government recognised boards and either the medium of instruction is English and Marathi. The schools have an excellent learning environment supported by experienced faculty, which makes the learning process lucid and engaging. Most day boarding schools have a 10+2 system with all the three science, commerce and arts streams with varied optional subjects. Individual attention and competitive spirit for healthy learning and moral ethics are the highlights of these schools.


The Day boarding schools in Mumbai have premium facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure which accommodate students for the all-round personality development. The day boarding schools have separate residential facilities for students to spend their time effectively and perform some productive activity or learning a skill of their interest. The schools have spacious classrooms equipped with smart boards for better understanding and learning, science computer labs for practical experiments, library stocked with the latest books, wide auditorium for annual function and events, cultural hall for music, dance, and theafter, art room, activity hall, spacious playground with multi-disciplinary sports activities, transport and medical facilities are also part of the schools infrastructure.