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School is when, originally the word ‘school’ came from the Greek language meaning leisure. It is a place that is supposed to not just educate or generate budding prodigies in the varied professional fields but also to provide home-like comfort, happy and nurturing environment, learning experience and much fun with friends. It is the first place where a child begins to form one’s individual identity, make acquaintance to people with no blood relation and it is an absolutely contrasting environment from where a child comes. To make that strange place look easy, fun and familiar, it is important for a child to gain positive responses. 

Many high profile schools are down shamed due to their improper and unhealthy school environment as they might become a reason for a child's mental illness. Before getting into a school and making a final call for admissions make sure it is fit for your innocent child.


All About Gandhinagar:

Gandhinagar, the capital state of Gujarat is also the financial state of India. The city caught its name in the remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation, as he was born in the state of Gujarat. Gandhi always promoted the values of cleanliness, thus following his footsteps the citizens of the city have made Gandhinagar the greenest capital city in entire Asia. It is the best choice to know and acknowledge the life of Mahatma Gandhi in a much deeper and elaborated vision and experience. Gandhinagar has got all kinds of glory that makes its visitors' eyes mesmerised and heart overwhelmed. The city is full of culture represented in their food, clothes, architecture, handicraft and its people. 

Gandhinagar is an industrially advanced place which might be much popular amongst the forgien visitors but is considered as the heart of India. It is a place for vegetarians that its cuisine is vegetable-focused with no compromised taste and flavour. 


Educational Focus in Gandhinagar:

In the field of education the city is doing great. The city has its IIT-Gandhinagar, a place for engineers and budding technocrates that will be running the world in the future. Everything is well sorted and well-managed for the education of the young children. The place offers all kinds of education through different education boards such as CBSE, ICSE, etc. The state also has its individual state board, Gujarat Board of Education and majority government schools are affiliated through it. The schools have a clear motive of generating flexible students who could get better in their further educational years and turn out to be extremely professional prodigies of their professional fields. Our Former Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has also conducted his education in the state of Gujarat. The government has their prime focus into the field of education aiming for the perfect score in education with 100% child education not just in the city but in the state as well, stretching into the nation. 



Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-11-02T10:40:31.000Z
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