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ecole globale school

Ecole Globale International Girls School

Sahaspur Road, Horawala, Uttarakhand 248197, India
school boardCBSE, IB, CIE
school categoryGirls School
total class in schoolClass 4th to 12th
established year2012
type of schoolFull Boarding

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Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-08-07T09:01:27.000Z

Girls school in Karnal

Karnal is a popular city located in the state of Haryana, India. Karnal is known for its vibrant history and featuring historical monuments. The city is a favorite tourist attraction point in India. Even the city has got its touch from the prehistoric period which makes the colors of the city more attractive. It is found that the Greatest Warrior of Mahabharata, King Karan has also got his roots from the state. The city is also said to be named after him. The total population of the city is about 4 lakh 25 thousand with approximately 84% of the literacy rate. There is a total of 88-89% educated males and about 79-80% educated females which sounds like good literacy equality. The numbers and the facts say it all. The city stands for equality and understands the importance of education. 8 out of every 10 girls are educated. For school education, different education boards take responsibilities including the Haryana Senior Secondary State Board, Central Board of Secondary Education, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education working under private organization Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, Indian School Certificate, and other equivalent senior secondary certifications. All work collectively with the motto of serving quality education and processing the upcoming leaders and innovators of the nation.

Why does the government promote girl's education more than boys?

It is seen for ages that in every society there are a few cultures of discrimination that surround which not only hinders basic human rights but also snatches away the democracy, independence, and equality that are said to be the pillar of a happy and healthy nation. Similarly, we as Indian are also surrounded by the gender stereotypes which not only disregards the women of the society but also do not allow them to speak against it. To overcome these crises of equality and establish peace and harmony within the entire country the government keeps on pushing girls' education.

Since ancient decades it can be seen that women are arrested to do just the household chores while men are supposed to fight wars and earn bread. The women and the girls were not allowed to play outside or to go to schools or to earn, which was harassing the potential of the women of our society. Therefore the wave of gender equality rose and women stood together to ask for their rights.

Education is the key that not just educates or brings equality but also opens several opportunity doors for women to be independent. Educating a girl also ensures that the upcoming generation is brought up morally strong and socially right. Children with a good educational parental background are supposed to understand better emotionally, scientifically, and spiritually. It is the woman who plays a major influential part in the life of every child. The child watches their mother, sister, and grandmother, this is how children learn and understand profits as well as problems of different generations.

An educated mother or sister is capable of providing extra education hours to the children to help them learn and revise the school syllabus. The children can comfortably discuss their school problems in their family openly. Education also develops trust and confidence within the family members as they can talk with relative facts and science.

Best girl's schools in Karnal

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  2. Jain Girls Senior Secondary School
  3. Guru Nanak Girls Sr. Sec. School
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  5. GG Sr. Sec. School
  6. OPS Vidya Mandir
  7. Govt. Girls High School
  8. Adarsh Public School
  9. Nishan Public School
  10. Bharat Group of Institute
  11. Shanti Gyan International School
  12. Chinmaya Vidhyalaya
  13. Mother's Pride Academy
  14. Shiv Jyoti Boarding School
  15. Holy Writ High School and Junior College