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girls schools in mussoorie

Girls Schools in Mussoorie

Mussoorie, a popular tourist destination of Uttarakhand, is not just known for its abundant natural beauty or sightseeing. It is known as the Gateway to Gangotri and Yamunotri shrines of Northern India. There is no season in particular about cherishing the beauty that Mussoorie showers. It is a throughout travel destination, mentioned at the top of the traveling bucket list. The place has got several hills, mountain views, tracking points, waterfalls, lakes, etc., for you to visit and live in the tranquility of nature. Watching nature bloom, listening to nature sing, and experiencing nature dancing, isn't just the complete list. You won't regret visiting the place; instead, plan to revisit soon.

Struggles of Girls Education:

The beginning of the women's struggles entered India during the British period. During the 18th and the 19th century, women all around the globe were fighting for civil and other human rights for themself. The struggles, ideas, and development for girls and women also traveled to India. Thus, in the year 1853, a bishop suggested some sisters visit India to promote female education and gave birth to the idea of women empowerment. This carved a path into the establishment of the first all-girls school in Mussoorie, which is also the oldest convent school, namely Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverley, Mussoorie, conducted by the Religious Sisters of Jesus and Mary. Also, during the 1850s, several women of the British officials raised their voices and demanded female education. This forced several old schools to convert themself into co-ed schools then being all-boys schools. Woodstock is amongst the best international schools in India. It started with female education, i.e., co-education, just after the protests heat of the 1850s.

Historically India wasn't a place ruled by males. The Hindu mythology and the scripture are the evidence of such a great Indian social structure that was destroyed by the foreign invaders, including the Mughals and Britishers. The Indian history after the invasion isn't as glorified as it is written into the coarse books. The actual reality isn't even mentioned anywhere. India was a rich country, which is why Mhd. Ghazni looted India about 13 times, was not just because of the rich geography but also because of the greatest rulers, educationalists, and prodigious court. But with time, when the land came into extreme foreign influences, it lost its beauty. Our ancestors were forced to follow the cultures of the rulers, and somehow it changed our value system. People forget their primary teaching and proceeded with the foreign legacies introducing bribery, male dominance, injustice, female harassment, etc. Such ill-practices came to an end with revolutions lead by some bold and extremely fierce women and enabled us to our rights and human behavior. 

Why is there a need to prioritize women's education?

For the last several known decades, women have always been considered as a weaker section of society. Education has become a major part of society, and about 70-75% of the female population of the nation is literate. Getting an education in school, knowing alphabets, or being skilled to read or write isn't what education is primarily purposed for. Unless you utilize your mental resources, equip your conquered education and do something better for society, you are nothing, just useless.

Women need to take charge, realize how necessary it is for them to be financially independent, and stand strong. One must always stand strong on her feet to be able to fight instead of being dominated, tortured, or harassed. Being a girl, you have to gather the trust of the people nearby. You have proved your abilities and still face discrimination. You might

Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-10-06T11:29:16.000Z
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