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icse isc schools in gandhinagar

In most cases, parents choose the schools for their children, and they must conduct extensive studies to make an informed decision. At first, parents must conduct extensive studies to pick schools for their children. When the pupils have reached adulthood and become more responsible, the parents will take their suggestions.


The Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) was created in 1958 to conduct the Cambridge University examinations in India. The Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE) for 10th grade and the Indian School Certificate (ISC) for 12th grade are both administered by this body. This is an Indian private education policy board that uses English as the prescribed medium of teaching.


The ICSE Board's advantages include an emphasis on the child's complete development.

Its curriculum is extensive, providing equal weight to all topics.


  • It allows you to pick and choose the subjects you want to study.


  • It places a premium on in-depth knowledge of every subject, giving it an advantage over English.


  • It is recognised by the majority of schools and institutions throughout the world.


  • The ICSE curriculum is well-structured and condensed. Its goal is to teach pupils reasoning skills, problem-solving abilities, and practical experience.


About Gandhinagar


Two Indian planners, H.K. Mewada and Prakash M Apte were responsible for the overall planning of Gandhinagar. Gandhinagar is home to Gujarat's most prominent temple, Akshardham Temple. It is India's second-largest planned city, behind Chandigarh. Gujarat's governmental and commercial centres are both located in Gandhinagar. The land in and around Gandhinagar is abundant in black soil, making it ideal for farming.

Below are a few of the ICSE Schools located in Gandhinagar


Every school has simultaneous departments for Nursery, Kindergarten, and Standards I through XII, with English as the language of teaching. 

The school's goal is to develop complete human beings, males and females who are capable of adapting to life's problems with pleasure and a strong trust in the Lord, and whose decisions and actions are led by the proper values. The institution tries to provide students with a high-quality curriculum while also instilling with them a sense of logical liberty, serenity, and harmony, as well as a respect for many cultures from around the nation.


The school provides a great combination of excellent academics and extra-curricular activities. 

Being on the list of top schools in Gandhinagar they provide several clubs such as karate, dance, music, public speaking. Many field trips are also organised to places like industries, old age homes, banks, nature parks, hospitals, etc.


Schools where academic achievement is matched by achievements in athletics, cultural activities, and the fine arts. An international Indian school prides itself on offering value-based learning in a worldwide learning environment. Technology-enhanced classrooms with the teacher acting as a guide. Countless academic and co-scholastic events are available.

A series of well-equipped buses that travel between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar to several destinations. Qualified staff and a well-equipped health centre. In a wide campus, there are multi-sport, multi-purpose playing areas.

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