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Get advice from our counsellors with more than 20 years of experience.

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Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-09-04T08:04:48.000Z

ICSE/ISC School in Haridwar

Introduction to Haridwar

Haridwar is not just any place or city for the people who follow the Hindu religion. The city has its great mythological beliefs and is standing strong as the spine of religious history. Many stories from our great Holy books such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, and many others belong to the city. It is also known as the workplace of many saints and sages who have gained the upper levels of meditation and raised self-enlightenments. Many of them have acquired the great powers of healing and Ayurveda. Along with it, the city is known for its splendid sighting beauty, the green lands, the blue rivers, the night starry sky, and many adventure sports. There can be found traces of original traditions, culture, and rituals that were majorly practiced during the Vedic times. The rhapsody of enchantments, the sparkling lights of earthen pots, mesmeric reflections from the river, the bright colors of blooming flowers, and the subtle and soothing aura makes the city much likeable for the visitors.

School and ICSE:

There are many phases of the city apart from just the religious and mythological beliefs. The city is very particular about the education of the young generation. The schools of the city make every second of the students worthy, effective, and productive. Every child has a different ability, different vision, and different approaches towards different things which makes each of us different and unique. This is something the schools of Haridwar acknowledge and respect about their students. The city has multiple schooling options for the students to join which belong to different organizations and education boards such as the CBSE board, ICSE board, ISC board, and others which provide equivalent senior secondary certification to the students.

ICSE board stands for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. The examinations of the board are conducted by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination to test the knowledge and abilities of the students. The board is partially inspired by the Cambridge schooling certificate which provokes the students more on subjects like language, arts, and culture along with other prime core subjects such as Science and Mathematics. The academic syllabus is inspired by NCERT which makes it academically strong and empowering to the students along with accessing the other personal aspects. The best part about education with the ICSE board is the global approach and international education that is provided within the school campus.

Parental Advice

Before finalizing any school for the children it is a must for your to look for

  • the fee structure is feasible or not
  • the rating is good enough according to the fee details
  • the honest reviews to know the pros and cons of the system
  • the curriculum to know if it is well structured or not, else it might also drag down the features of your child
  • the facilities that are included in the infrastructure must be coherent

Other things might include the choice of your child (if and only if one is sensible enough). In today’s world, you cannot force your children to be academically brilliant because the time today demands more. The more isn’t about being the best; instead, it is about being vibrant, versatile, and flexible. It is good to have strong academics but it is not enough there must be involvement of some extra-curricular activities that build a charismatic persona of the child. It can never be built and brought up by pressure or enforcement, for a good outcome it should come from within.

Best ICSE/ISC Schools in Haridwar

  1. The Himalayan Public School
  2. Shiwalik International School
  3. Doon Cambridge School
  4. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Academy
  5. Sanskar International School
  6. The Heritage School
  7. Hilton School
  8. Kay Cee Public School
  9. St. Thomas School
  10. The Indian Cambridge School