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The name "Hyderabad", which was earlier known as "Hyderabad" or "Hyderabad" during the Mughal rule, was taken from the last name of its founder, Mir Qamar-Ud-Din Siddiqi; in turn, the city itself was named after his son, Mir Jahandar Shah, who became prince by marrying a princess from Golconda.

Hyderabad, which was once a part of Andhra Pradesh, was declared as the capital city of Telangana on 2 June 2014. It is also called Cyberabad and it is a major IT hub in India. The major areas in Hyderabad are Kukatpally, Dilsukhnagar, Nadergul, Alwal, Nandi Hills, and Shamshabad.


Local culture

The city has traditionally been known for its pearl and diamond trading. The city still retains its reputation, along with Mughal architecture and culture, especially in the old city.

Tollywood or T-Town is the common name for the Telugu language film industry based in Hyderabad. The first-ever silent movie was produced in 1918 in this place and till today, it has been producing films that are set in many different locales. There are numerous theaters across the city where various films are screened for entertainment and to showcase creativity.


Towards the end of the 20th century, the city emerged as an educational hub with many colleges and universities being set up in its suburbs. The first institution of higher education to start functioning in Hyderabad was Osmania College, which was established in 1866.

The Nizam's government established a number of educational institutions under the leadership of Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, who later became the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad State. In 1918 he established Osmania University to commemorate his golden jubilee year. It is one of India's largest universities with over 50 faculties and over 400 departments.

In fact, many Indian languages like Telugu, Urdu, and Hindi flourished during this time. A good number of literary figures emerged from this period including Adi Shankaracharya who authored "Shankarabharanam" while on his way to Kashi (Varanasi). This period saw the rise in Telugu literature and theatre as evidenced by works such as Jayamala Kaleswari Temple Char.

Why opt for schools in Hyderabad

The city offers great education facilities with many good schools, colleges, and universities. The city has produced great personalities in different fields; some notable personalities include Salar Jung I, who was a nobleman and scholar. Another notable personality from the city is Asif Jah VII, a renowned painter during the 18th century.

In terms of education, there are various schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions offering quality education in Hyderabad City.

Knowledge hub: While several of these schools are located in parts of Hyderabad that are not very popular with tourists, there are a few that are located in areas such as Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills, which are frequented by visitors. This means that the children will get to interact with people from different countries, cultures, and lifestyles, broadening their horizons significantly.

Quality education: With several schools in the city, parents have more options to choose from when it comes to selecting one for their child or children. As each school offers quality education, you need to spend time researching and visiting different schools before you decide on one for your child or children. Consider factors such as discipline and punctuality before making your choice.

One-stop destination: If you are looking for an English medium school for your child or children, Hyderabad is a good choice as it has several such schools from which you can choose based on the course, discipline


Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2022-01-28T06:56:01.000Z
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