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Get advice from our counsellors with more than 20 years of experience.

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Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-10-06T11:22:44.000Z

Schools in Mussoorie

All about Mussoorie:

Mussoorie, the queen of hills, is known for its captivating hill beauty that makes people awestruck. It is amongst the most popular hill stations in India, located in the Uttarakhand state. It is nothing less than a paradise that provides visual treats and pleasure nature walks, bringing back faith into beauty and life to the visitors. If you are a traveling enthusiast and have a certain destination on your traveler’s list, do add another name to it. Apart from tourism, the place has served in many Bollywood films because of its vintage Himalayan view and absolute crazy weather. It is near about 68kms from the state capital Dehradun somewhere in the western Garhwal region. The beauty becomes more alluring when you prefer off-road traveling or exploring off-beat destinations. You will find the most decent and charming people. The local residents are extremely humble, and there can be no better host than an Uttarakhandi. There is a great essence of hospitality found in every corner of Uttarakhand. It is somewhat a part of their value system.

Mussoorie and Education:

St. George College, Mussoorie, is one of the oldest schools of the country, founded in the year 1853. Being a major tourist spot since the British Era, the place always sparked into the eyes of the high-rank officers. Most of them visited on vacations, and many have had settled their permanent residence, which not just made the place widely popular but also was easily acquainted with several advancements in the field of education, medicine, job, etc. Schools like Woodstock School, St. George College, Oak Grove School, Wynberg-Allen, Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary are some of the oldest schools in the area that are still standing and successfully serving their purpose with full dedication, efforts, and resource enrichment. These schools were built during the British Period in 1845, 1854, 1854, 1888, etc.

There exist about 53 schools in total in Mussoorie. Out of them, some are affiliated by the state board, some with CBSE, some with ICSE, CISCE, etc. Religious Sisters of Jesus and Mary is the oldest convent school just for girls. Thousands of catholic and non-catholic girls take education and earn their livelihood on their own. The ability to stand strong on your own is something everybody needs to look for. It is not the time when you can take yourself over the mic and shout out loud like Selena, ‘ no study, me no care, me go marry a millionaire.

There are also several minority communities, truths, and other Catholic missions that support the education system of the area. Many schools are managed through trust. Some are guided by the minority institution. This makes education of the area feasible, approachable, and opportunistic.

Features of Schools in Mussoorie:

  • The students are taught a good amount of local as well as heritage culture of India. Even if a student reads in any Catholic institution, they teach different religious value systems along with primary or school education to the students.
  • The majority of the schools are English-medium schools, with other languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, and some other popular foreign languages are a part of the common school curriculum.
  • The schools are well technically oriented where students are taught with the technology, Hardware as well as software. The schools provide all the luxury to the students despite being standing on some remote mountain or hill.
  • Sports is also promoted in every campus to sustain the idea of a multi-dimensional education system where the students are just bound to classroom learning but have an open space to work, think, introspect, visualize and trust the process.
  • It is a happy place, close to nature and the environment, which technically makes the students well-aware of the environmental factors and conditions. Some of the portions students read through books and the rest they observe from their naked eyes. Nature guides here.