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day boarding schools in india

India is one of the top countries in the world and also the second most populated nation with a majority of the population belonging to the younger generation. Delhi is the capital city of India and it is a Union Territory. It is a prominent city of India which contributes a large portion towards the overall GDP of India.

Delhi and Mumbai flourish in economic activities and are the commercial trade, entertainment and financial capital of the country. These are busy cities that are overly crowded due to a massive population. One can seek a career in almost any domain in India be it Information technology, automotive and manufacturing unit, design, film production, law, management, hotel management, etc. The country is filled with opportunities for the aspirants.

Mumbai is a prominent city in the country. One thing that Mumbai is outstandingly famous for is the entertainment industry. It is home to one of the most glorified film production industry, Bollywood. It is also believed to be a birthplace for the Indian cinema since the era of silent films. The stardom, fame, fortune and lavish life that the Indian film industry promises, attracts thousands of youngsters every year to the city. Opportunities in film production, art, direction, cinematography, acting, design, set design, costume design, makeup, script-writing, production, etc. are plenty in Mumbai. Those looking to establish themselves in the industry, head towards Mumbai to achieve their dreams and goals.

Other than these, there are numerous restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, street-shopping places, etc. located in India for the tourists. Indian food is known worldwide. The nation has many architectural and historical buildings and establishments. Some of the famous places to visit India include the Elephanta caves, Marina beach, Victoria Palace, Hotel Taj, Gateway of India, and many other beaches.

The climate in India is tropical and is hot for most part of the year. In the monsoon season, excessive rains can sometimes cause floods. Living conditions in India vary according to the region. One of the immense slum establishment of the world is situated in Mumbai, known as the Dharavi slums. In the posh localities, skyscrapers, flats are shared living accommodations. Cost of property in major Indian cities is very high and even is rental accommodations are relatively expensive.

Mumbai and Delhi are the richest and also of the most expensive cities in India. Many millionaires, billionaires, people in business and Bollywood stars live in Mumbai and Delhi.


The educational environment in India is excellent, and some of the premier world-class educational institutions are located here. In Mumbai, the schooling system is different as students are enrolled in a junior college after completing ten years of schooling. Here they receive a degree in their preferred domain (Commerce, Science or Humanities). After completing junior college, students can pursue a professional degree in any of their selected disciplines like engineering, law, management, medicine, accountancy, etc. In the rest of the country, the 10+2+4 system is followed.

For Higher education, there are several prestigious universities located in India. These include the Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), etc. The research institutes of India are also well-known and glorified. Scholars from all over the world and even abroad come to India to receive an education.


India homes some of the best and quality day boarding schools in the world. The facilities provided in these schools are world-class and look after all the essential needs of the students. Along with an excellent academic framework, innovative programs to ensure personality development are also maintained in these schools.

Boarding schools help in the character development of an individual and prepare them for a more successful life. Students become more aware, responsible, and independent. They also learn gratitude and learn to respect others. Boarding schools have contributed to the success of some of the most well-known personalities in the community. Students studying in a residential school are more confident, have better communication skills, and have lower chances of social anxiety. They are also self-reliant and can face any challenges that come their way.

A right boarding school is judged on factors such as the quality of education provided, facilities, administration, co-curricular activities. The best boarding schools of Mumbai are well-equipped and furnished with top-class amenities. They are also technologically advanced and have the latest gadgets installed to make the educational experience of the students more productive. Practical learning is given importance, and students are taken for excursions and outings to proliferate their hands-on experience.

Skill development is also an essential part of the curriculum. General skills are inculcated through innovative and progressive programs. Cognitive, critical thinking, reasoning, leadership, aptitude, and other skills are inculcated through various programs. Moral education is also an important part of the curriculum, and students are taught to respect the prevalent differences that are existent in society.

India ensures a high-quality educational environment. In a diversified city, students get supreme exposure. The competitiveness is also high, which makes students more skilled and stand out of the crowd compared to other students of the country.

Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-10-25T10:47:34.000Z
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