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girls boarding schools in bengaluru

Girls Boarding Schools In Bangalore

Girl's education is the only way towards their empowerment. Through education, the female section of the society learns their fundamental rights and can raise a voice accordingly against injustice. A single voice raised can be a voice of thousands and lakhs of voiceless, veiling behind. To decrease the injustice against the women and let the women stand out strong, it is important to educate them. Education is the key to every injustice as it helps you acknowledge the wrong and appreciate the good happening within the society. Education also helps us know our civil responsibilities and provide us wings to make the best use of them, not just for our benefit but also for the rest of the world.

If you educate a man, you educate a person, but when you educate a woman, you educate a family.” It is a woman who holds the prime responsibilities of the family. Every child is more close to their mother than to their father; therefore, they are more likely to reflect their mother's image more. If a woman is well-educated and knowledgeable, she can uplift the quality of the upcoming generation many times more. After holding such supreme powers of the society for the past several years, men had forgotten to acknowledge women and value their presence. Therefore it is now time to make them realize what place we hold and how a woman must be treated. It was men before who was the fighter, protector, and breadwinner of the family, but today women are no longer lagged. They show equal strengths and abilities to run a family single-handedly and are doing it successfully.

How boarding schools affect girls?

The girl's only boarding schools weren't so popular earlier, but with the changing time, they have come into recognition. Being in a boarding school is a completely different experience than being in a day school. In a day school, you eventually have to travel back home to your parents in the safest place that you can ever be in, but in boarding schools, you have to stay within the school campus all by yourself. You do not have family or parents by your side to comfort you or pamper you. Ina Boarding School, you just have your friends and some staff members around you. It all depends on your luck, whether you are surrounded by good people or more selfish people. The boarding school helps you develop a good sense of maturity at an early age where you turn to grow into a fierce woman. You get stronger, bolder, and even tougher according to the situations you face during your hostel days. It all helps you be stubborn, rightful, truthful, biased, outstanding and confronting. You learn to step forward for yourself, raise voices against the odds, and question what you feel is inhumane. The girls meet girls from different family backgrounds and communicate to know each other. They share their individual experiences and life journeys. They learn from each other, understand each other and help each other to overcome. These differences reflect in an individual's upbringing, which is worth learning and experiencing.

Best girl's boarding schools in Bangalore:






These are some of the top girls boarding schools in Bangalore. These schools are best in terms of infrastructure, amenities, education, teachers, etc. They are also located in a safe and secure location, and safety is a priority in these schools. These are some of the best schools in the country and are sought after. Student exchange programs and extracurricular activities are a major part of these schools. Other than this, career training and guidance are also provided. Counseling is organized to help the students recognize their potential and use their capabilities to form a career for themselves.

Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-07-24T19:03:28.000Z
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