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ecole globale school

Ecole Globale International Girls School

Sahaspur Road, Horawala, Uttarakhand 248197, India
school boardCBSE, IB, CIE
school categoryGirls School
total class in schoolClass 4th to 12th
established year2012
type of schoolFull Boarding

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Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-07-09T09:08:34.000Z

ICSE/ISC Schools in Pune

Every parent wishes to provide the best possible education with the best facilities for their children. Finding the best school for children is another most challenging stage of parenting. While selecting a school, every parent makes specific criteria and a checklist so that it is easy for them to find the school which suits them best and justifies their choice. As a child's vision, the school must be fun and encouraging where the environment is relaxed and easy-going; contrary to this, as a parent, a school must have the best education system, strict schedule, physical fitness, discipline, and good growth. Before finalizing any school, it is just that the school can fulfill every detail of the checklist; if not every, then at least most of it.

ICSE/ISC schools have gained popularity because of their distinct atmosphere and attractive methods of teaching. The school mainly works as an international way of teaching and learning. Here the teacher makes efforts to make learning fun and easy for the students and practical at the same time. They work more with activities and are more practical learning. It is believed that students gain more if they perform it. The global approach of the system, introduction to several foreign languages, and reputed board of affiliation are some of the critical features of an international school. Practicing more and encouraging students to participate in all kinds of activities and not just academics is some revolution that global influence has brought. Sports is indeed a complete human organizer that inculcates strict discipline, good physical strength, more mental functionality, team-play, unity, harmony, and many features that are not identified at first position but are essential in holistic growth.

Here is a list of some of the best ICSE schools in Pune:

Best ICSE Schools in Pune:

Wisdom World's School

Pawar Public School


St. Mary's School

The Bishop's Co-ed School

Sahyadri School

The Cathedral Vidya School

Hutchings High School and Junior College

DY Patil International School

TreeHouse School

Spicer Higher Secondary School

Vidya Valley School

Riverdale International Residential School

St. Methew's Academy School

Podar International School

What are ICSE and ISC?

ICSE stands for The Indian Certificate for Secondary Education, while ISC stands for Indian School Certificate. There exists a council as CISCE, which stands for Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. This council mainly conducts three examinations ICSE- class 10th, ISC- class 12th, and CVE (Certificate in Vocational Education - year 12). This is a private council, and a few Indian schools were handed over to this council. The board promised to serve the nation's children with high-quality education, empower them with humanity and promote introspective living. Also, the commission is committed to producing learning opportunities and excellence in education.

The primary reason to set this council was to demolish the Cambridge School Certification Examination and replace it with the All India Examination. So, during 1952, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad being an Educational Minister, proposed for the council. Then in 1958, an inaugural meeting of the committee was arranged, and in 1967 the council was the registered Society under Societies Registration Act 1860.

It was ICSE and ISC who first initiated the result declaration over the internet through their official website in the year 1999. The council also took the initiative to explain the importance of creativity to their people. An All-India Inter-School Debate and Creative Writing Competition were conducted by the council to prove the same which also explained the importance of articulating one's thoughts in writing and speech in school education. All revolutions that are brought into today's education system as well as provoking experiential learning are all the result of the CISCE council.