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Ecole Globale International Girls School

Sahaspur Road, Horawala, Uttarakhand 248197, India
school boardCBSE, IB, CIE
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total class in schoolClass 4th to 12th
established year2012
type of schoolFull Boarding

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Author - Sakshi Padiyar | updated on 2021-08-04T07:48:50.000Z

IB schools of Lucknow

About the city

Lucknow is the capital of one of the largest constitutional states of India, Uttar Pradesh (U.P). The city has been a multicultural city since pre-independence.

The city is an educational hub with many pioneer institutes located here facilitating quality educational facilities from primary schools to university level. Many finest universities such as Lucknow University, Abdul Kalam technical University stand out and attract students from other parts of the nation.

The city experiences extreme weather conditions from chilling winters from mid December to February, hot summers from April to June and average rainfall throughout the year. People living in Lucknow are known as Lucknavi and Hindi and Urdu are the primary languages of the city. Awadhi is also a regional language while English is spoken by the white collar professionals.

The city has been the Pivotal centre of Historical events during India’s independence and is a significance of major events.


One of the most influential factors of a child’s development which needs to be of top quality is education, right knowledge and skills. Lucknow is the hub of educational institutes and is well known for its quality assurance education and holistic development. Some of the prestigious professional universities, colleges and educational institutes are established here. The city has some of the best schools empowering students from primary to senior secondary grades.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM Lucknow) is one of the prestigious management institutes which attract lots of management candidates from all over the nation. The city has numerous quality universities which offer professional degree courses in Engineering, Medical, Law, Humanities and Subject expertise. The Lucknow University is the oldest university in the U.P. Apart from that, Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET Lucknow), Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University (RMLNLU), Lucknow (IHM), Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI) are other top educational institutes.

Lucknow has some of the top research institutes which work in different sectors of medicine, food and technology. These include-

  • Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants,
  • Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI),
  • Indian Institute of Toxicology Research,
  • National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI),
  • Central Food Technological Research Institute,
  • Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute

IB schools in Lucknow

Lucknow is a hub of education and has some of the best educational institutes and schools are located here. There are plenty of IB schools in Lucknow which provide right education knowledge and character building with finest facilities and resources.. People from all parts of the region send their child to IB schools in Lucknow due to the following reasons-

Education Facilities

IB Schools in Lucknow 2020 offering International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. The schools in Lucknow provide all the essential resources. Schools are affiliated to the IB curriculum with English and Hindi as the medium of instructions. Proper functioning of schools is taken care of by the management department. Apart from these, teachers are highly qualified and experienced which provides the best teaching stuff through new tools and techniques. Moreover, teachers take help of modern tools such as smart boards to help students learn faster and effectively. Individual attention is given to every student for comprehensive development of the student's mental and emotional health.


The IB schools have all the important essentials to support the all-round growth of students. With finest infrastructure and congenial campus, the school supports essential separate buildings for the educational and administrative department, well ventilated classrooms equipped with smart boards containing animations and graphics to help students learn efficiently. Library, computer and subject labs, activity rooms, and kitchen are all well equipped with the latest tools and equipment to provide the best learning environment to students. Enormous sports grounds with different sports areas along with swimming pools are available in these schools.

Extracurricular zone

Students take part in various extracurricular activities and the teachers and management motivate students to empower themselves with the industry required skills and knowledge. It’s mandatory for students to take active participation in various skill development training and co-scholastic activities according to their interest and abilities.